Support Your Local Festival & Ambassador Program

There are many ways to get involved with the WaterDays Committee and the New London Ambassador Committee.  Whether you join and participate all year round, or you’d give a couple of hours during WaterDays Week, your willingness to contribute is greatly appreciated.

A heartfelt Thank You to all who contribute their time and funds to New London WaterDays and the New London Ambassador Programs!

New London WaterDays Committee Members: Alex Baker, Stephanie Bents, Dan Leite, Nate Pederson, Linda Madsen, Tim Johnson, Billie Johnson

New London WaterDays Board of Directors: Alison Werder, McCall Amundson, Deb Ringler, and Michele Okuly

Volunteer for WaterDays 2021!   Click here to view the open volunteer positions:

A Special Thanks to Our Sponsors (2021)

One Blonde's Salon

City of New London; Hope Presbyterian Church; HMD Photography; Seth Arvila; Becky Arvila; Georgia Wachtler; Amanda Gales; Jerry & Karen Bents; Emri Werder; Alison & Wade Werder; Michele & Brian Okuly; Chad Schmiesing and the tennis tournament crew; Mill Pond Mile crew; to those who gave to the parade fundraiser on Facebook; and to anyone we may have inadvertently forgotten!